Davy Forsyth is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, 2013, where he jointly won the Jim Haynes public art commission, exhibited at the Roslin Institute and was selected for RSA New Contemporaries and the SSA Invited Graduate Prize. He has since exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy, Glasgow Sculpture Studio, the Hidden Door Festival, Patriothall Gallery and the Biggar Science Festival, and his work is included in the University of Edinburgh’s Fine Art Collection. Davy’s art practice combines metal salt printing with sculpture and performance. He lives off-grid with his family in the remote Highlands of Scotland.

Metal Salt Printing

Metal salt printing is an inkless printing process that uses a reagent to corrode metals onto paper. Treated paper is left in a press against a metal object for anything up to a few days, creating coloured metal salts that deposit onto the paper. The print is removed from the press and dried – but not neutralised – so the resulting image will continue to change subtly over days, weeks and years, depending on exposure to sunlight, ambient temperature and humidity. While the objects may be printed more than once, each pressing leaves a unique record of the object’s transformation, as its surface is left behind on the paper.